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Our instructors are DSWA certified.
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Our workshop program is organised by competent people.
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Learn the fundamentals of walling by building together.
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About Our Workshops Program

Each year, we host 7-10 workshops and train around 100 people in dry stone construction and stone carving through our workshop program. Workshops typically are hosted at Heritage Sites, parks, public land, or in some cases on private land with public access or in historically significant areas viewable by the public. See some of our multi-year workshop sites here.

Our workshops are designed to be a learning opportunity for anyone interested in the art and craft of dry stone. While each workshop may be slightly different in type of structure (wall, retaining wall, arch, bridge, folly), type of stone (field, quarried, flat, round, etc.), and may be a new build or a restoration, the basics of building are fundamentally the same.

The basic guidelines to build are rather straightforward, and one weekend will give you a good understanding of how to build and how to recognize a well built structure. And while there are many ways to build (as culture and geography dictates) we follow the Dry Stone Walling Association United Kingdom (DSWAUK) standards.

To participate, you do not need any particular skill, or tools, or feel you may not be strong enough. As long as you are interested in learning you will be able to do this.

Our instructors are skilled dry stone wallers and have certification in both dry stone construction and instruction. As well, we utilize experienced member volunteers to assist the instructors in order to ensure more oversight and a better participant/instructor ratio.

Our workshops are community-oriented and inclusive. We promote a fun and relaxed environment. We will expect you to ask questions, ask for assistance, engage with your fellow participants, and most of all to enjoy yourself.


Bill Jeffers

Workshop Coordinator

Scott Young

Workshop Assistant Coordinator and Instructor


John Scott

Andre Lemieux

Kenny Davies

Sean Donnelly

Scott Young

Menno Braam