Past Workshops

May 11-12: Walling Workshop

Merrickville (on the Rideau Canal), Ontario

May 25-26: Wall Restoration Workshop

St. James Anglican Church, Franktown, Ontario

June 1-2: Walling Workshop

Cuddy Gardens (Fanshawe College), Strathroy, Ontario
During Cuddy Gardens Open Garden + Plant Sale

June 1-2: Retaining Wall Restoration

St. Raphael’s National Historic Site, South Glengarry, Ontario

September 14-15: Dry Stone Canada Festival

The Lodge, Amherst Island, Ontario
Walling, Restoration + Stone Carving Workshops

October 13-14: Walling Workshop

Scotsdale Farm, Georgetown (Halton Hills), Ontario

May 26-27: Wall Restoration Workshop

Franktown, Ontario

June 2-3: Retaining Wall Restoration Workshop

Bishops House, South Glengarry, Ontario

August 26-27: 10th Anniversary Walling Workshop

Ferris Provincial Park, Campbellford, Ontario

October 13-14: Walling Workshop

Scottsdale Farm, Georgetown, Ontario

June 3-4: Bishop’s House, St. Raphael’s, Ontario

Scott Young starts the workshop with a review of some basic walling traps to avoid. How many can you spot in this picture?
This workshop was a Canadian Heritage Site restoration project in South Glengarry Township (an hour from Ottawa and Montreal). We worked with Glengarry Fencibles Trust to restore the retaining wall built in the Bishop’s college garden in 1826. New and experienced wallers attended.

August 19-20: Ferris Provincial Park, Campbellford, Ontario

We have been running workshops on this length of wall, located at the playground area in the park, for 6 years. The project of rebuilding the wall was started by John Shaw-Rimmington three years before that. 2018 will mark the 10th anniversary of rebuilding this length of wall. The rebuilt section is now about 300 ft, and there is about another 60 ft to be rebuilt. We are returning for a final workshop to mark the completion this August. This year’s workshop will be a slightly larger affair, with the previous years instructors and participants being invited to return to Ferris Park to see the progress made. The workshops are hosted by Friends of Ferris Park and Parks Ontario. Past instructors are John Shaw-Rimmington, Evan Oxland, Sean Donnelly, Kenny Davies, and John Scott.

October 14-15: Scottsdale Farm, Georgetown, Ontario

Workshop participants continued rebuilding a section of wall that surrounds the farmhouse. The workshops are hosted by Friends of Scottsdale Farm and Ontario Heritage Trust. Participants were a mix of members of the public and staff from Ontario Heritage Trust. The workshop was well attended, though we were hit with a monsoon-like rainstorm Sunday afternoon. Past instructors are Menno Braam and Kenny Davies. 2018 will mark the 3rd year that we have been running a workshop there. Returning this summer.

September 3-October 1: Festival at St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Barriefield (Kingston), Ontario

The 2017 Dry Stone Festival in Barriefield legacy project was the restoration of a historic dry stone wall in urgent need of repair in Ontario’s oldest designated Historic Heritage District — the Village of Barriefield in the east end of the City of Kingston.

Wallers from New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Quebec and Ontario gathered over the weekend to donate their time and expertise to celebrate their craft and leave a lasting legacy. The extensive work finished up on October 21st weekend.

A big thanks goes out to John Scott who led the workshop that was part of the festival and of course to all those wallers who participated. Thanks also to Bobby Watt for his terrific presentation on Saturday night about Parliament Hill West Block restoration work and for the donation of the carved date stone that is now incorporated into the St. Mark’s dry stone wall.

The Frontenac Heritage Foundation played a huge role in putting this entire Festival together as they celebrated their 45th Anniversary with assistance from Dry Stone Canada, the Barriefield Village Association and St. Mark’s Anglican Church.

A huge thank-you goes out to Andrea Cross who worked tirelessly to make this project happen, organized the tour to Fort Henry National Historic Site in Kingston, and brought it all together. Your love of stone and dedication to the walling community is an inspiration.

October 21-22: Amherst Island, Ontario

Heritage Wall Restoration at the Simpson Farm. Amherst Island has the largest known concentration of historic Irish dry stone walls in Canada. The wall has heritage designation, and as such, great care is required to rebuild it to its original state.
Stone Carving at The Lodge. Instructors Karin Sprague and Tracy Mahaffey designed the workshop for beginners as well as those with carving experience. At the end of the workshop participants had their own stone carving to take home.