Major Projects

Over the past decade, Dry Stone Canada has completed work on some major projects including new builds and historic site restoration.

These have been accomplished through our extensive workshops program over many years, and our festivals, with committed hosts with an active and abiding interest in dry stone construction, craft, and heritage. 

Some of these projects are ongoing, and some new projects will be launched in 2022. Become a member of the Association to get involved

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Locations and Details

The many builds on Amherst Island --> festivals, workshops, The Shed, The Lodge, and potentially a new permanent site

Example copy, Festival at The Lodge: Our 2019 theme highlighted island landscapes and dry stone walling craft and tradition. As always, the two-day festival was a mix of international guests, Dry Stone Canada members, local supporters, and our walling community. Master wallers created a bayside seating area, and participants attended a carving workshop under the pines, a curved wave wall workshop, and a historic restoration workshop close to The Lodge and our partner the Neilson Store Museum and Cultural Centre. The festival included Amherst Island food and craft vendors, heritage and community booths, and a children's/youth waller area!

2019 Festival Gallery

2019 Festival


Example copy 2018 festival: Topsy Farms is a long-established sheep farm well known for their quality sheep, wool, and wool products. Using stone collected from the property, we built 120 feet of mixed granite/limestone wall near the barn, along the entrance to the farm. Farm to Table/Stone to Wall celebrated the roots of dry stone walling: building walls to support farming. Our 2018 theme highlighted the interconnection between local food and farmers and dry stone walling craft and tradition.

Global News Story

2018 Festival Gallery


2015 Festival

2015 Festival Gallery




The many many workshops hosted here  over the years. 

Ten Years of Workshops at Ferris Provincial Park

There have been a lot of workshops here. John Scott, Bill, and many others could write a very long post about this. Lots of photos. 

The many workshops at Franktown

All the things about these workshops and lilacs.

Also lots of photos. 

Perth Legacy Bridge, Perth, Ontario

Example copy from the past festivals page Perth 2016: Dry Stone Canada collaborated with Algonquin College Heritage Trades and the Town of Perth to create a new legacy dry stone bridge and as well as a length of Scottish/Irish Wall in Stewart Park. The project was a huge success, with professional wallers attending from across our membership in Canada, in the US, Ireland, and Scotland, including the Queen’s Dry Stone Waller at Balmoral Castle. The build is now a significant permanent feature and attraction in the Town of Perth’s premier park. The project won an Honourable Mention Award at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario for 2016.

2016 Festival Gallery

Many years at this historic site in partnership with Ontario Heritage Trust, Scotsdale Farm, Ontario

all the many workshops at Scotsdale Farm and a link to the workshops here. 

Bishop's House, Ontario

Another multi-year project at a Historic site, and the different stages of the restoration project there.

Relationship with Alton and Alton Mill Arts Centre, Ontario

Some great things about the existing sites and how they are used, and how we have our AGMs and planning sessions there and how the installation has change the town for the better.

2014 Festival Gallery