Advanced Skills

Our 2017 Strategic Planning session identified skills development as a key goal of the association. Read more here.

The Association has built solid programs for workshops and festivals over the past five years. In 2022, will start to build our Advanced Skills program in the same way. This will be done through the website, live online events, and (hopefully) in-person sessions for Intermediate and Advanced Skills. 

Advanced Skills activities are separate from our public workshops program, and different from the informal mentoring and international stone network gathering and exchange we host at our annual festivals. 

Advanced Skills activities are open only to General Members who demonstrate intermediate and advanced skills in their existing body of work. This includes those wallers who have achieved DSWA Level 2 certification or DSC Level 2 certification and above, and those wallers who, while they have not pursued certification, have an undeniable track record of a high level of technical skill and quality of work in their projects.

A committee for Advanced Skills was formed in 2021 to support this strategic direction. Read more here.

Topics will include:

  • Working in union environments
  • Managing large projects
  • Advancing through certification

John Scott, member of the Advanced Skills Committee, has brought forward a proposal for a Dry Stone Canada-supported heritage skills certificate, focused on rigorous standards of excellence in restoration, conservation, preservation, and remediation of dry stone sites in Canada. 

Watch this space for more updates.